Juarez Machado


Juarez Machado was born in 1941 in the city of Joinville, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. He studied at the School of Art in the state of Paranâ, in the city of Curitiba, and participated actively in its artistic movement. In 1966 he took up residence in Rio de Janeiro, intensifying his activities. In addition to painting he also dabbled in illustrating, scenography, sculpture, drawing and engraving.

He has received a number of awards in Brazilian galleries and other international prizes. Machado has been living in Paris since 1986 and has frequently exhibited his works in Europe and the USA.


2nd Place in Painting in the Beginners Salon Curitiba Brazil
Honorary Mention in the 13th Spring Salon Curitiba Brazil

1st Place in Drawing and Sculpture in the Beginners Salon Curitiba Brazil
Best Sculptor of Panama
19th Panama Salon Curitiba Curitiba Brazil
Silver Medal -3rd Salon Curitiba Brazil
Bronze Medal in the 14th Spring Salon Curitiba Brazil

Silver Medal at the 15th Spring Salon Curitiba Brazil
Honorary Mention at the 20th Panama Salon Curitiba Brazil
1st Place in the City of Porto Alegre Salon Brazil

Gold Medal in the 16th Spring Salon Curitiba Brazil

Acquisition Prize in the 22nd Panama Salon Curitiba Brazil

International Prize in the 5th Biennial of Humour in Art Italie

Prize in Scenario for Television Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Prize in Costumes and Scenario for Television Rio de Janeiro Brazil

"Barriga Verde" (Green Belly) Prize Santa Catarina Plastic Arts Brazil
"Nakamori"' Intematioonal Prize -Best Children's Book Japon

Abril Prize Best Humour in Graphic Arts Brazil

Outstanding Award -Bloch Editores Brazil

Presented with the title of honorary citizen of the city of joinville Santa Catarina Brazil

Presented with the Rio Branco Order of Merit by the President of the Republique of Brazil
Medal of Honor of the town Champs-sur-Marne France
Honourable diploma of the town of Curitiba Brazil

Receives the title "Manézinho da Ilha" Florianopolis Brazil
The Order of Merit " Anita Garibaldi "Florianopolis Brazil

Price "Friendly of the Community " Brazil

"Twenty Personalities of XXe century". Artist of XXe century. Trade union of the Press Brazil

Title "Docteur Honoris Causa" University of Joinville, Brazil
"Inauguration of the theatre" Juarez Machado Brazil